Ultimate Self-Protection!

Our Latest Offers & Special Classes

New Student Specials

Special sign-up deals for first-time Tae Kwon Do students!

Adult Self Defense

4-week Self Defense Classes for all adults!


Weekly group fitness classes; Tuesday nights; open to the public!

Fitness Boxing!

Fitness boxing classes for men and women!

More About What We Do

Black Belt Classes

Black Belt Classes are for students of Grandmaster Forrest G. Blair and Moo Duk Kwan Martial Arts. Visiting Black Belts from other styles must have Master Blair’s express permission to attend a Black Belt workout.

Black Belt Class Schedule:

  • Alternating Thursdays, 7pm – 8pm (see schedule on board at school)
  • Every Saturday, 10:00am – 11:30am

Please see Miss Debbie directly for more information about monthly fees, additional fees, and fees for visitors.

Private Lessons

Grandmaster Forrest G. Blair offers private lessons to both students and non-students alike. Private lessons may focus on self-defense needs, martial arts fundamentals and techniques, and even personal fitness goals.

Costs for Private Lessons:

  • $60/hour for general public
  • $30/hour for current, registered students

Rates are negotiable for regularly scheduled, ongoing lessons. Please contact us or speak to Miss Debbie for details.

Coming Soon: On-Site Self Defense Classes

Coming soon! Traveling Self Defense Lessons

Would you like to offer in-house self-defense lessons to your employees? Perhaps you’re part of a college group with a self defense need. Contact us to schedule a session and we’ll come to you! Prices vary depending on location and number of participants.

Coming Soon: Fundraisers

Are you part of an organization or group with a need to raise funds? We’ll soon be offering a selection of fundraising options, ranging from one-month class cards to self-defense fundraising sessions. Please contact us for details.

Why Choose Us?

Why Should I Study Tae Kwon Do?

Get out of the malls and onto the mats, replacing apathy with enthusiasm, ill health with physical fitness, lack of self-respect with self-discipline. With the martial arts, grades rocket, excellent behavior becomes the standard, and parents can’t stop praising the “new kid” that comes home from classes!

1. What does Moo Duk Kwan Martial Arts teach?

In our school, we teach a highly effective system of Korean martial arts called Tae Kwon Do. We teach explosive kicks, punches, joint locking, and a myriad of weaponry, molded into a dynamic style emphasizing speed, power, and fluidity. Our superior techniques come from years of learning, researching, and organizing moves that make this art effective and practical.

2. Why should I study Tae Kwon Do?

For self-esteem, strength, and a rigorous exercise program. We live in a society where a basic knowledge of self-defense is required and where the stress of everyday life sometimes takes its toll. Martial arts teach self-achievement, respect, and cultivate mental and physical strength. Read more...

Why Tae Kwon Do for Children?

Why should my child study martial arts?

Self-confidence does not come naturally for many children, but rather is developed over a period of time. As a child accomplishes new goals, his or her confidence level increases. Children become more self-confident in martial arts because they progress individually at their own pace and are not judged against others.

Self-defense! Children’s self-defense takes many forms. Many parents worry about their children being safe on the street, yet one of the real problems concerns a child’s ability to defend his or herself against other kids. Martial arts teach children to think instead of panic in potentially serious situations as well as how to react to threats from other kids. Read more...

This Is No Ordinary School of Karate

Karate is a microcosm of life’s challenges and as one masters one’s self through its study, so does one master one’s life! This rebuilding job includes changing self-made habits of failure to those of success!

Some tips from us to you:

  1. Change the habit of selling yourself short because of lack of confidence.
  2. Free yourself of the fear of ill health and physical pain.
  3. Remove the habit of self-imposed limitation.
  4. Break the bounds of neglect on the pursuit of your goals and desires.
  5. Cure the habit of expecting to reap before you sow. Read more…